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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2017 Kootenai River Photos

Enjoy. Hard takes and tight lines. PS - Snow fell last night just above us. 

Motley Crew. 2 bad hair. 2 no hair. 
Dan R. concentrating

The "Koot" between smoke days

Looks like a golfing foursome

SC boys entering MT from ID
Nice 15 1/2" cutbow

Monday, September 18, 2017

What Did You Expect?

You may find it more difficult to wade and get in and out of a drift boat as you mature.

Hard takes and tight lines.

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     Bull River - Montana * * * * * * *
     Bull River Montana Means HOGS
     Clark Fork River - Idaho / Montana
     Coeur d'Alene - Idaho's Year Round Fishery

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Old People

Idaho Fly Fishers Association Annual Meeting #2 - 2017

I have been remiss in posting due to the amount of work I have recently had to do back on the farm in Idaho. I apologize and hopefully this fall will be different. Speaking of which it has gotten much colder just in the last 5 days here. Temps have fallen from daytime highs of near 90 to the mid-60's. Nights have hit 37. Unfortunately still NO rain! The northwest has seen it's longest drought in over 50 years this summer. The freestone rivers are dry. The fish ?????

To the subject at hand, we just returned yesterday from IDFFA meeting #2 in Libby, MT. Some good fish close to 20", but also a lot of "squealers". At least 2 cutbows and many rainbows with occasional whitey were caught. We had 10 participants at this gathering: Yellow Stonefly, Hopper, Cajun, Crow's Nest, Chappe, Fargo, nMilo, Trucker, Bear and "Falls From Boats". We did have a really good time and camaraderie superb! Everyone had a blast.

By the way, this session was on the Kootenai River from the Koocanusa / Libby dam down to the Idaho state line at Leonia. Unfortunately no group photos this time, but we do have individuals and scenery shots for your pleasure. More will follow also my take on this year's northwestern drought.

Hard takes, screaming reels, sore arms and great fish to all.

Tags: Fish On
     Fly Fishing Dream
     Fly Fishing's Ten Commandments
     Great Idaho Fly Fishing Day
     Life and Aging
     Life Is Really Short!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Netting a Fish

The proper way to net a fish is to some extent an art.

Pointers about netting:
1. Always keep the tip of your rod up when fighting a fish so that if necessary, you can always drop the tip of the rod to give a fish some running room if necessary.
2. Attempt to get the fish into as shallow water as possible.
3. Keep the fish's head up and bring it toward you until it lays on its side. "Swim" the fish into the net.
4. Always net a fish head first. Never try to net a fish from the tail. They will feel the net coming and just jump out of the way and you could lose the fish.
5. Have the drag set, so that if necessary, the fish can make runs if it wants.
6. Hold the net in your "non-dominant" hand, which is the most sensitive, and have your rod in your "dominant" hand.
7. Use a light net that is easy to handle with one hand.

The nets I like to use have telescoping handles and a tape measure attached to the bottom of the net. Make sure the tape measure is "up". The tape begins with "0" in the center. Gradients lines go out on both sides of "0" in inches. So if the fish is lying in the bottom, the mouth is on "12" and the tail tip is on "14", the fish is "26" inches long. Easy to measure and easy to release without handling the fish. This also makes it easy to photograph your fish so your buddies will know it was really a "26" incher. They actually might believe you.

Hard takes, tight lines, screaming reels and many fish to the net.

Tags:  Pike on a Fly
     Scuba Trout Fishing
     Slow Dries? Try Clipping!
     Sticky Ferrules
     Wade Fishing
     Year of the Spider
     "YSF Stinger" Perfected

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Idaho Fly Fishers Association Annual Meeting - 2017

Man, I can't say enough for the IDFFA Meeting I from which we just returned in Fernie, BC. The fishing was absolutely phenomenal!!! You can easily see from the attached photos that we did have a BLAST!

A bit smoky from the Montana fires but you could not smell. The combined group fished the Michele, Elk and Wigwam rivers.

This southeast portion of British Columbia is "Protected Waters". What the Canadians designate as Class II. This means they limit the number of fishers each day and charge an extra per Diem permit charge, over and above the BC fishing license, which is really a tax. It is only $21 Can/day this year, but can add up. License is $58 for 8 days.

Don't get me wrong, "Protected Waters" are good, for it does protect the indigenous fish population. Here it is single hook, barbless, catch-n-release.

Really effective flies on the Elk and Michele were black ants, purple haze, adams, red BH copper johns, an occasional hopper and other miscellaneous. Dries did seem to work the best. I personally did not fish the Wigwam, but my understanding is that large streamers and golden stones were the ticket.

Bull Moose somewhere
Anyway, we had a great time and I believe, everyone enjoyed the trip enormously. Go to the IDFFA trip page for info on the last 2017 trip and upcoming 2018 trips. The trips are open to all Idaho Fly Fishers Association Members. There is NO fee. All we want is your participation. Please send a short bio when you apply. We really do want more members. It is a GREAT time!

Hard takes, tight lines, come and join us. We'd love to have you as a member.

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     Cutthroat Byway  
     Elk River - Fernie, BC, Canada
     Flathead River System - Montana
     Get Ready to Rumble - Fernie, BC, Canada