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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Western Fly Hatches

"Western Fly Hatches" posted by YellowStoneFly aka Idaho Angler from Idaho Fly Fishers blogspot. This is an easy chart for those first time western fly fishers or the old timers who have forgotten which flies to bring. If the link you choose does not go directly to your fly of interest, simply copy fly's name, click on the fly desired, then paste into the search box and order. The information provided should make your next fly fishing trip a little easier. Now go fly fish Idaho. Take a look while you are in our blog at our most popular link and the little known "Bull River Montana Fishing". This river is a real gem and located only 10 miles from the Idaho state line. If you need a guide, I can hook you up with a really good one from Libby, MT. Simply email me at IdahoAngler@live.com.

Name                        Sizes    Best Months                                       Midge                                      18-22     Mar. thru Oct.
            BWO Midge
            Griffith’s Gnat
Blue Winged Olive                 18-22     Mar. thru Oct.
            BH Pheasant Tail
            Emerger BWO
            Parachute BWO
Western March Brown           12-14     Mar. thru Apr.
            March Brown Nymph
            Hare's Ear
            March Brown
Little Olive                            16-20      Mid-Mar. thru May
            Pheasant Tail
            BWO Spinner
            Klinkhammer BWO
Rhyacophila Caddis             12-16       Mid-Mar. thru Aug.     
            Crystal Caddis
            Caddis Emerger
            CDC Micro Caddis
            Slow Water Caddis
Brachycentrus Caddis          12-18       Apr. thru Sep.  
             Hare’s Ear
             Soft Hackle Hare’s Ear
             Hare’s Ear Wet
Pale Morning Dun               14-18       Apr. thru Sep.
             Barr's Emerger
             Parachute Gulper
             Baetis Cripple
Gray/Brown Drake               8-12        May thru Jun.
             Gray Drake
             Brown Drake
             Green Drake
Salmon Fly                           4-8          May thru Jul.
             Salmon Fly
             Wooly Bugger
             Royal Coachman
Slate Gray Dun                    12-14      Mid-May thru Jul.
             Hare’s Ear
             Soft Hackle Hare’s Ear
             Parachute Adams
             Spinner Adams
Terrestrials (Hoppers,            2-14       Jun. thru Oct.
            Beetles, Ants          
Tricos                                   20-24       Jun. thru Oct.
            Pheasant Tail
            Emerger Trico
            Parachute Trico
Mahogany Dun                    18-20       Sep. thru Oct. 
            Mahogany Dun
            Royal Wulff
            Sulphur Emerger
            Parachute Mahogany
Tiny BWO                           20-24       Sep. thru Oct.    
            Bubble Back Emerger
            Greased Lightning
            Spinner PMD

Make Idaho fly fishing an annual trip. You will not be disappointed. Good fishing!

Idaho Angler (IdahoAngler@live.com)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Doldrums (How did they get there?) Scene II

"Winter Doldrums (How did they get there?) Scene II" posted by YellowStoneFly aka Idaho Angler at Idaho Fly Fishers blogspot.

Idaho Fly Fishing

Dog (Canis familiaris) looking
for his bone! 
Fly Fish Idaho
Cowfish (Lactophrys quadricornis) looking for coral!
Fly Fishing Idaho
SEEhorse (Hippocampus erectus) looking for plankton!
Fly Fishing in Idaho
Sheepshead (Archosargus 
probatocephlus) looking for 
plastic lawn chair!

How did they get there? Let me know what you think.

Idaho Angler (IdahoAngler@live.com)

          The Perfect Fishing Raft

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You gotta admit.....

Glacier National Park
"You gotta admit....." posted by YellowStoneFly aka Idaho Angler at Idaho Fly Fishers blogspot.....if you have ever been to Idaho, it is one of the most beautiful states in the continental US. It actually has more wilderness than any of the lower 48 states. If you have never seen Idaho (and if you do not plan on coming here), you have made a huge mistake in your lifetime travels. Its not only the Idaho fly fishing, which really is wonderful,  but the unbelievable beauty of this state.

Sandpoint, ID lone moose.
There are beautiful golf courses, superb ski areas (downhill and cross country), wonderful wildlife and of course that great fly fishing in Idaho.We have painted desserts to the south near the Utah line. The central core is entirely mountains. Yellowstone Park lies central and to the east bordering the Idaho, Montana and Wyoming state lines. If you have never seen the Tetons or Ole Faithful, you need to go.

IDFFA member on Kootenai River
For the fly fishing enthusiast, we have the Snake, Big Wood, Salmon, Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai, Moyie, Clark Fork and St. Joe, just to name a few. Lookout Pass, Silver Mountain, Sun Valley and Schweitzer are only a few of our great ski areas. River floats include the Moyie, Clark Fork, Snake and Salmon. There are way too many to name and there are river and fishing outfitters galore. And hiking, OMG in the Panhandle section alone where I reside there hundreds of trails. Just be aware of those large fury creatures call the North American "GRIZZLY". 

19th hole Sun Valley Resort course
I am not a snow mobile person, although I have tried it, but I do know there are hundreds of miles of trails throughout the state. These trails are mostly the many old forest service roads which are open and maintained all winter. By the way, with a good GPS, you can reach some great fly fishing water in the summers by using these same forest service roads.

Double header browns by IDFFA members
Do come and visit us in Idaho. Whatever your outdoor passion, we can fulfill it in Idaho. If you are an indoors kind of person, we do have a few casinos, but our state is mostly for the outdoor enthusiast. I would suggest staying home or going to Vegas if you want to spend the week indoors on your next vacation. But if the outdoors is your thing, you will not find a better place to spend you next summer (or winter) vacation. Who knows, you could love it so much, you might want to move here permanently like I. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Doldrums (How did they get there?) Scene I

"Winter Doldrums (How did they get there?) Scene I" posted by YellowStoneFly aka Idaho Angler at Idaho Fly Fishers.

Fly Fish Idaho
NEW!!! Wolffish (Anarhichas lupus) wall mount!
Idaho Fly Fishing
Elephant fish (Callorhinchus milii) swimming
 in his coy pond!
Fly Fishing Idaho
Another Cowfish (Lactophrys quadricornis?) 
looking for ... we simply do not know what! 
Idaho Fly Fishers
Wolf bird (Corvus corax) searching
for his fly!
How did they get there? Let me know what you think.

Tags:  Moyie River, ID                                      
           Flathead River, MT
          Clark Fork River, ID/MT   

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Doldrums???

"Winter Doldrums" is posted by YellowStoneFly aka Idaho Angler at Idaho Fly Fishers. This malady normally begins  for most of us after the Super Bowl but, depending on the weather where you live, it can begin much earlier for fly fishers. Winter weather can make us long for the long, slow drifts and dramatic takes of summer easily by the time Christmas roles around. Idaho fly fishing however can be had in the winter, but usually patience and stripping large wooly buggers through deep, fast runs is our only options for success. Oh yea, I left out freezing your "a_ _" off in your 5+mm neoprene waders is part of the wintertime fun of Idaho fly fishing as well. My attitude is, if you cannot afford going to Belize for bonefish, just sit around, tie flies and tune up the gear for spring.

Alaska River Fishing
Clark Fork River-Heron, MT
The other things that keep me going are an occasional jaunt to my nearby downhill runs at Schweitzer Mountain and enjoying the breathtaking winter scenery. Left is a recent photo my sister-in-law took from her home overlooking the Clark Fork River in Heron, MT which is only 4 miles from the northern Idaho state line. 

The last thing that helps me through the doldrums is being able to communicate with my fly fishing friends in the Idaho Fly Fishers Association with the help of today's technology. The following is an abbreviated email which I recently received from one of them. Some of their emails are quite sick, but this particular one I thought I could share. 
Italian Talk Show Host

American Talk Show Host

Photos simply show differences between US and Italian entertainment media. What is wrong with this picture? Which one most resembles a sleek brown trout and which a very large, largemouth bass? Enjoy,