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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tellico Nymph

"Tellico Nymph" contributed by "YellowStoneFly" at "Idaho Fly Fishers" blogspot. Call me nuts, but this eastern fly, which originated in western North Carolina, is a really great cutthroat trout fly. I do not know exactly what the trout think this fly represents, but my guess is a golden stonefly or yellow sally stonefly. The best sizes seem to be 10-16 and I personally like to tie them on a curved nymph hook with a fairly long shaft.

They are easy to tie and the materials are easy to obtain. Check out the tying instructions below and our post "The Perfect Fly":
Reverse tie black thread on the shank, then wrap in
pheasant tippet for the tail and trim off the residual.

Add a few strands of peacock hurl just in front of the
tail, wrap into place and trim the residual.

Next, apply bright yellow dubbing to your thread.

Wrap the dubbing toward eye and back again to the
tail so that it has somewhat of a "cigar" shape.

On the outside of the dubbing, wrap black thread evenly
toward the eye to form the thorax ribs.

Now swing the peacock hurl to the  head and then
secure with a few thread wraps. Leave a small gap
between the thorax and the eye for adding the hackle.
Trim the residual peacock hurl.

Snip off the remaining peacock hurl and tie in a
brown to red hackle feather at its small end.
Secure with a drop of cement and trim the
residual after the glue dries.

Now wrap the hackle several times, tie in and cover the
head with thread. Tie off with several half hitches and
then coat the head liberally with clear, glossy cement.
Bingo, you are done! If you would like more specifics about tying this particular fly, please leave a comment or email me directly. Sometimes I will substitute dark brown turkey biots for the pheasant tippet tail and pheasant tail strands for the peacock hurl. This is a great eastern/western nymph despite what you may read. Idaho fly fishing for cutthroat trout can be superb with the Tellico Nymph. Give it a try. Weight it; get it down to the fish and hang on. Best of luck fly fishing Idaho.

Idaho Angler (IdahoAngler@live.com)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya"

"Aruba, Jamaica, ....." was written by contributing editor "YellowStoneFly" from the "Idaho Fly Fishers" blog at blogspot.com.

I have been a bit remiss with my March postings. However I have and excuse. If you live in the northern corridor as I and if you tire of winter by this time of the year, you should get away! Therefore, I took time off for a professional meeting in Aruba. What a sacrifice! Despite what may have happened there in May 2005, I found this to be a very safe island with courteous, friendly people. And compared to many other Caribbean islands, this is a very clean island. Virtually everyone is employed and the local economy is booming.

Senor Frogs - Great fun & eats!
Below you will find a few photos and links if you are interested. By the way, this was not a fly fishing meeting I attended in Aruba. Enjoy the photos and remember, spring fly fishing is almost upon us. Don't forget to come and fly fish Idaho. Idaho fly fishing rocks!!! Go to: IDFFA.com for more fly fishing info and suggestions for success in Idaho.

Nice Hotels & Casinos!
Beautiful Caribbean Waters!

Beautiful Beaches & Lots of Sun!

Really Beautiful Ocean!

Happy Idaho fly fishing!

Idaho Angler (IdahoAngler@live.com)

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

QuickView Blog Post Retrieval

"QuickView Blog Post Retrieval" was written by contributing editor YellowStoneFly at the Idaho Fly Fishers blog. I have developed this post in order to simplifly your fly fishing research. When I access active blogs with lots of posts, I have a very difficult time finding the posts in which I have an interest. Idaho Fly Fishers Blog now has well over 200 posts, so we have devised this page which lists our posts by categories. Click on categories (Larger Font) to find the individual posts you would like to access.

IDFFA member's 21" Big Horn rainbow!
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