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Saturday, July 9, 2011

BH Zebra Nymph

The "BH Zebra Nymph" is written and tied by YellowStoneFly for the Idaho Fly Fishers blog. This is one of my favorites and is very easy to tie assuming your eyesight is good since it should be a size 18 or smaller. This is a great Idaho fly fishing nymph for those finicky, hard to get, slow feeders. It sinks very well (though you may need extra weight in order to get down deep to the fish) and due to its small size, rarely snags. If it does snag, it is also usually easy to free.

Add silver or black bead to your hook.

Wrap black thread full length beginning at bead.

Wrap in silver wire and wrap thread back to bead.

Now evenly space wire back to bead head and secure.

Now clip wire and half hitch thread. Head cement
can be added if desired. Fly is ready to fish! 
Locals rarely use small nymphs. They like large attractors. Remember, you can fish nymphs with the large dry flies sometimes with awesome results. Use the attractors as your strike indicators. Now come and fly fish Idaho and don't forget some small nymphs like the BH (Bead Head) Zebra. PS-This fly can also be very effective in red and yellow as well.
Good luck. If you have any specific questions regarding this tying technique or other issues, feel free to email me any time. Also if you want someone with whom to fly fish Idaho, drop me a note. We are always looking for fly fishing friends to join the Idaho Fly Fishers Association. It's FREE! 

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