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Beautiful North Idaho Home in Hope

Beautiful North Idaho Home in Hope
A real fishers dream! Gorgeous home on the Hope Peninsula surrounded by nature with incredible views, priced below appraisal, owner financing and deeded lake access.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buy Your Fish!

"Buy Your Fish!" is the subject of this Idaho Fly Fishers Blog post and is written by the YellowStoneFly. Did you know that fresh fish only stays edible without spoilage about 48 hours in your refrigerator? Now obviously, you can extend this considerably by freezing, but it still doesn't taste the same.

Most of us have a Walmart close by or other grocery store chains. For a few bucks, we can drive over to the grocery and pick up a pound or two of the fresh stuff, batter, throw into a skillet with a few spuds and presto, we have really good fish 'n chips.

Now, let's assume you want to go and catch your dinner. First, you have to get together, find or go and buy your fishing gear. Cha-Ching to the tackle store! Now we have to go and purchase our fishing license. Cha-Ching to the state Game & Fish! Now, if we really want to catch, kill and eat big fish we need live bait. Cha-Ching to the bait store! At last, we are ready to go. Now, drive to your favorite fishing grounds. Have you seen the price of gasoline lately? Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching!

We spend the entire day fishing for dinner and if we are lucky will have something to show for our efforts. So, we throw these smelly, slimy creatures into our car trunk. We take them home and still have to clean them. If you stick them in the refrigerator, remember you must eat them within 48 hours or your catch will go bad and you'll have to throw all of your hard work out. Now we finally find another beer, which we also had been drinking on the river (Cha-Ching again), throw the fish in the fryer and at last. We are too tired to eat!

Now tell me why I didn't just go Idaho fly fishing say on the Kootenai, Moyie or Clark Fork rivers? I could have tied my own flies, pinched down the barbs so I could have fun supporting "Catch and Release", stopped by the grocery for some already cleaned fillets and then taken these home to throw into the fryer. I would not only save a lot of money but I would also save myself from that lingering hand smell for days plus saving some beautiful trout for friends and future generations to catch.

So now you know. We support "Catch and Release". Shouldn't you? Write us or join this blog and give us your reasons for supporting (or NOT supporting) fish release. We would love to hear your reasons!

Thanks for visiting our blog. Come back and check out how the fly fishing is in Idaho any time.

Kootenai Angler
Big Wood River
Vermilion River

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spring High Water Winner

Great for Spring's High Water
This "Montana Sparrow" is YellowStoneFly's version of a popular local fly tied for Idaho Fly Fishers Blog. It is a very simple pattern to tie and is a very effective streamer. I find it particularly useful when fishing for trout in streams and rivers in the early spring and late fall. They also tell me it is used by the locals in large sizes for steelhead when running. I personally have never tried it though. Well, here goes and try out this one when fly fishing Idaho this fall.

One thing, when tying this particular fly use very soft feather barbs. This is a soft hackle streamer and the softer barbs make the fly look more "alive" in the water as you float and strip it across the current. I like turkey breast feathers for my Montana Sparrows. The flies you see here are tied on a long shank 1-0 hook so they will be more of a local minnow meal for the larger trout. I use either brown or gray dubbing and a heavy gold wire for weight in order to get them down to the bigger fish.

Tie on "tail", I use pheasant tail, and copper wire.
Add dubbing densly packed in a "cigar" configuration.
Wrap gold wire to eye and secure.
Add multiple soft feather barbs and half hitch head.
This is a superb streamer. It is very effective for big fish and extremely easy to tie. Give it a whirl. You can tie it in any size down to a #10 or #12, but I wouldn't go smaller. Fish any emerging nymph trailer onto this fly and you'll find yourself using this combination frequently. Happy Idaho fly fishin

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