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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Idaho Fly Fishing - Spring 2013

We got slightly under our normal 350" of snow this year and have had a fairly dry spring. The weather however has warmed considerably this past week and the resulting snow melt has really swollen our creeks and rivers. Almost all are above the bank and those that aren't are very cloudy.

Your best Idaho fly fishing bet right now are the multiple lakes. Streamers in tight in float tubes are the current ticket. If you find you can't resist the streams, be extremely careful and wear a lifejacket. Make sure you know the waters well and prepare for structure which has fallen since your last visit. Unfortunately, our waters do claim lives each year of the unthinking and sometimes even the people in the know.

I would try large, ugly stoneflies or streamers. As the water starts to clear, you may even go with a red or cinnamon San Juan worm. Sink them down with lots of weight and fish as slowly as you can. Be mindful of the occasional prolific BWO hatches which can occur in the spring and if you see one with the trout sipping in the surface film, sometimes an RS2 just below the surface works well.

Just drove by Trestle Creek. It is running like mad. Looking at the snow caps I truly believe the summer trout season will start in about two weeks. That means by June 1, things will really start to pick up. This will be a good month before we have been able to fly fish Idaho in recent years past. Don't forget to buy your 2013 fishing license.

Hard takes, tight lines and huge fish to all of our Idaho Fly Fishers Association members.

Tags: Bull River, MT
          Clark Fork River, MT
          Flathead River, MT
          Kootenai River, ID

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