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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Black Ant

YellowStoneFly of the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog presents the easy summer time black ant pattern. This time of year when water is low and warm, these ants are prolific. Trout absolutely love them and will frequently take hard. Foam has made these patterns easy to tie and very durable frequently bringing multiple fish to the net. They float like a charm. Being black, I usually use a bright indicator so I can see the fly as it floats by.

#12 Hook length - approximately 3/4".

Round ends & cut linearly on underbelly.
Don't cut through or to ends. 

Coat entire hood with black thread &
bring back to center.

Tie on foam and secure at center.

Now add small foam indicator - any bright color.

Add black hackle at center

Wrap 4-5 times and tie off.

Finished fly looks appetizing.

Try putting them in tandem.
You will simply love this pattern. Go Idaho fly fishing and try it soon.

Hard takes, tight lines forever.


Tags: Skwala Stonefly
          Tellico Nymph
          YSF Salmon Slayer

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Work is.....


For those who like to dream.

South of Fusion Germany

Life is too short.

Atop gondola in Kitzbuhl Austria

See the world soon.

Maine fishing village below Bar Harbor

Fall is coming, water temps are dropping and fishing is picking up!

Hard takes and tight lines,


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          BITE ME !!!
          Cool Places

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

50,000 Page Views

Time to celebrate! YellowStoneFly of the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog is proud to announce that on August 10 we hit 50,000 page views.

The US, Russia, Canada, Germany, France and the UK saw the majority of visitors in decreasing order of occurrence. Our most popular posts in decreasing order of views were the Bull River Montana, Sandpoint Idaho fly fishing, the most economical floatant, Moyie River Idaho and how to make our poor man's lanyard. We are having now 3.5 page views per visitor and are averaging about 2,700-3,000 per month.

Our huge staff of one is very appreciative and would very much like to thank our followers and sponsors and those who frequently email us with great questions. We are trying to expand to the guides out there and are requesting their input as well.

Please keep us in mind the next time you head to the NW US to Idaho fly fish.

Hard takes and tight lines. May all of your bows, cutties, brookies and bulls be huge.


Tags:   Adams Male
            A "Perfect" Fly
            BH Zebra Nymph






Friday, August 9, 2013

Dog Days

YellowStoneFly of the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog writes:

It is still hot in Idaho and Montana. The water is quite warm. Went to a couple of places yesterday with IDFFA member R.V. and had minimal luck. Small fish and few in numbers. It was not for lack of trying though.

My suggestion is to find a cold water fishery, at least until mid September. By then the water should begin to cool. Suggested tailwaters are the Kootenai River, MT just below the dam, the Green River in Utah, the North Platte River again below the dam and not to be forgotten the Missouri River in Craig, MT. Good spring fed rivers for summer lows are the Snake River in Jackson Hole and the St. Joe River above Avery, ID. Now this may sound a bit strange but the Spokane River, behind the Spokane Mall is great for the red band rainbow trout--supposed to be a great place to fish if you don't mind being called a troll.

Lastly, I spoke with Randy Dingman, famous Idaho, Montana and Washington ROW fly fishing guide the other day and he suggested the Coeur d'Alene River 20+ miles above Prichard, ID where Independence and Teepee Creeks come in to the CDA. Randy's contact info is below, but if you click on his name above you will see blog articles referencing his expertise or simply type his name into the search box located at the top left of our blog menu bar.

Randy's contact information is:
Work at ROW Adventures
Personal email
Cell Phone: 208-755-4403

Good luck, good fishing and may you always have hard take and tight lines. Remember life is short. Live hard, love hard, fish hard and write down you own "Fly Fishing Bucket List". Refer to it often and get out and wet a line.


Tags:  Fly Line Basics
           Fly Reel Basics
           Fly Rod Basics

Monday, August 5, 2013

Big Fish

"BO" on Wyoming's "Yellowish
Green River
 Subject: FW: Big fish!!
> Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 07:34:56 -0500
> From: BO (Long time Idaho Fly Fishers Association Member >IDFFA.com<
> I just got back from fishing the Yellow river outside Jackson Hole. The
> First day I caught a 23 inch Rainbow and a fat (fatter than me) 18 inch
> Cut Throat. I am really looking forward to the Big Horn. See you soon buddy.

Great fish "BO"! It really makes me feel proud seeing that you have now mastered the graceful art of fly fishing. It does gives me particular pride for, as you know, most of your mentoring was done by me personally. Seen you soon on the Horn. Make sure you bring your wallet. Until then hard takes, tight lines and huge fish.  JC. PS-Going today with a guy from Oklahoma on the lower Clark Fork in Idaho and will be repeating the trip on Thursday with a guy from Louisiana. Actually only my 4th and 5th day of fishing all season due to my day job. YSF

PPS-Where is the Yellow River? Are you speaking of the Yellowstone or the Green? Never heard of the "Yellow".

>Sorry, it was the Green.  Green is close to Yellow.  I was so excited about the fish that I forgot the name of >the river.  ALL of my mentoring was done by you. 

 >YellowStoneFly, you need to get more fishing in. Stop working so much! 
 >Can’t wait for the Big Horn and especially Paul’s cooking.  See you soon  buddy.
"RV" w/ a big, slippery
Big Horn Bow
I'm going to get more fishing time in soon. YSF

Talking about BIG fish, look at these recently caught by IDFFA member "RV" on the Big Horn.

Hard takes, tight lines, huge fish


Tags: Big Hole River
           Big Horn River
           Big Wood River


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cold Water Haunts (Part 2)

Dear readers, here is some more summertime correspondence from readers of which you might have some interest. Enjoy!  

Hi YellowStoneFly,
I will be sure to fish the upper section on the Moyie around the campground. Thanks so much for the information and direction. I will send some pictures when I'm there next week. 

Dear B…..,
The nicer fish are actually down lower, but they cannot get above the dam. If you drive up there, you will see why. There is a section which you can fish directly off of the Kootenai River at the mouth, but is only about a mile long. You have to drive down a very twisted road to Twin Rivers Canyon Resort RV campground, which is closed for the season (do not know why) and is the only access of which I am aware to that section. I have not personally been down there this season, so I do not know if you can access the river there or not. There are good browns and rainbows in that stretch but some VERY LARGE suckers as well right at be mouth
So there is no access to the Moyie above the Dam now that the Kootenai Tribe own the access point @ the campground? Would you recommend I fish a different river?  

Dear C…..,
To answer your question, it is hot and dry in north Idaho right now. Spring fed rivers (Moyie) are low and water is warm except in certain spots where cold water feeders enter. The Moyie dam is about a mile upstream from the Kootenai which you will see if you go up there. Above the dam (see last directions I sent) many feeder streams do keep water temps down so, except for high noon, fishing can be good if you go to the area I suggested.

The St. Joe (food hatch fishing) is high and spring fed but 3+ hours away (need to go to where road ends way above Avery and through St. Regis--go over mountain on Little Joe Road). The Coeur d'Alene is 2+ hours and spring fed, but can be a good morning and evening river up around Teepee Creek above Pritchard, ID. The best tailwater fishery in the area is the Kootenai below the Libby, MT dam. Water is cold here. Must be floated and fishing is off and on. May get some good hoppers in July/August. The Clark Fork must also be floated and summertime fishing again can be off and on. Best morning and evening. Would fish between St. Regis and Paradise, MT this time of year.

Good luck. If you need guide suggestions, let me know and book early. Most are booked this time of year. PS-I receive nothing from the guides I suggest other than and occasional photo for my blog. 

Have fun, hard takes, tight lines and huge fish. Remember to catch-n-release so I can catch some here next week.

(aka YellowStoneFly)
Send your  photos to IdahoAngler@live.com. We will publish select photos on our blog. You will be famous. Sending your photo to the above email address is your way of giving us permission to publish said photo. Thanks.