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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Great 2013 NW Catches

Blog friends have been gracious enough to share some of their 2013 catch photos. Please forward yours to YellowStoneFly at the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog with appropriate related river and catch  information and we will be glad to share them with the world.

Here are ones recently shared with us: (Click on each to enlarge--ENJOY!)

Million Dollar Big Horn Sunrise
19" Big Horn Brown

19" Big Horn White Fish - IDFFA
member Harold

19.5" Big Horn Brown - IDFFA
member Paul
21" Big Horn Bow
42" Big Horn Beaver

21" Kootenai R. Bow -
Courtesy of Dave Blackburn -
Kootenai Angler
28+" Marias R. Brown - IDFFA
member Duane

22" Kootenai R. Bull - IDFFA
member Jack

20" NW Bow - IDFFA
member Ron
Million Dollar Big Horn Moon

Hard takes, tight lines and enormous fish to you all.
Tags: Prince Nymph
     San Juan Worm
     "Skunk" Wolly Bugger

Thursday, September 26, 2013

IDFFA adds 7 new members

The Idaho Fly Fishers Association proudly announces the addition of 7 new members to the group. They are as follows:

Mike (Crackle Back) Walters / Deland, FL / Central Florida lakes.

Kevin (Fudge Packer) Young / Hope, ID  / Lightning Creek, ID.

Ron (Big Chief) Vincent  / Slidell, LA / Louisiana Intercoastal

Mark (Captain) Plussa / Debary, FL / Floroda Intercoastal.

Richard (Less Float) Moresink / Montreal, QC, CAN / Atlantic Salmon Waterways.

Russ (XXXXX) Fugate / Joplin, MO / Lake Taneycomo, MO.

Duane (Psycho) Green / Spokane, WA / To Be Determined.
We are beginning to grow fast, so join today at the email address listed below. Membership is free and we do have some really cool annual meetings (See Below). Come and meet some new Idaho fly fishing friends and stay in touch this winter. Many of these people are accomplished fly fishers and can teach you a lot.

Hard takes, tight lines and ridiculously huge fish forever.


Tags:  2012
           Idaho Fly Fishers Association Members

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Idaho Fly Fishers Annual Meeting

YellowStoneFly of the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog convened for its annual meeting at Absaraka Fishing Bear Cabins in Fort Smith, MT September 19-21, 2013. We enjoyed a very diverse group of lecturers this year discussing everything from that day's catch, which was usually embellished, to the Oklahoma cure for constipation.

The Idaho Fly Fishers Association has recently added 5 new members and needs more. Join today! Membership is free. Simply email YellowStoneFly for further information.

Hard takes, tight lines and great Idaho fly fishing forever.

Tags:  Tellico Nymph
           YSF Salmon
           Big Fish
           BITE ME !!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Our Fjords Walter and Samson.
Pronounced (Ki'-ra-ne-mids) is a non-biting midge (defined loosely) which can be found in lakes as large as size 8 which are called "bombers". River fishers do generally use "midge" sizes 18-22. Lake fishers are all over the place with bombers (size 8) down to size 16. In reservoirs they comprise approximately 40% of the food the trout eat. Considering their size, that is a lot.

As an Idaho fly fisher, I have some high mountain lakes nearby, but honestly have mostly stuck with the running waters. There is just something about the water moving through the Bitterroots. But you know, I think it is about time to try some lakes. What the heck. I have horses and I have a float tube which I can throw over a horse's back. And in the spring, the rivers are running too much from snow melt, but the lakes are perfect. Besides, these flies are really simple to tie. (See Below):

Secure thread onto hook close to barb.

Secure silver tinsel an wrap forward to eye.

Wrap back to bend then back again to eye.
Thickly cover the hook.

Wrap tinsel forward and secure behind eye.

Add small ball of peacock hurl/thread.

Add white forward leaning wing (Optional).

Finished chironomid fly.

I have seen hundreds of the shucks on the
leeward side of coves floating
in the shallows.

They say "shrimp" type hooks are important. These are tied on a #12. You know, I may just give the larger sizes a try on rivers. Going to the Big Horn this week. Will let you know how they do. Notice the variety of colors (red, brown, tan, black and olive).

Hard takes and tight lines,


Tags: Cranefly Larvae
          Epoxy Streamer
Freshwater Scud
          Freshwater Shrimp

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fishing Buddies

New buddy Mark P's (Florida)
 first fish on a fly.
I love my wife, children, grand children, dogs and horses. They also love me back. But there is something to be said for those special friends we consider "Fishing Buddies". They are those special persons who fish with you, drink with you and tolerate your frustrations when you loose those big fish because of stupid mistakes.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have developed a very special relationship with a very few men whom I would fish with on any given day. Without their friendship my life would have been much more hollow. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and I do not get to see them very often nor fish with them, but when I do those times are priceless.
New buddy Kevin Y. (Oklahoma)
on Idaho's Moyie River.

I will be leaving next week for my yearly trip to the Big Horn to see and fish with a lot of these guys. Many do this outing yearly but there are also be some new faces. I look forward to strengthening my old friendships and to developing some new ones. The one thing I do know is that not everyone has Idaho Fly "Fishing Buddies" like I do. I am forever grateful to them for the times we have spent together over the years, and I only hope we will be able to enjoy each others company for many years to come.

Fly fishing buddy Ronnie V.
(Louisiana) on the Horn.
Hard takes, tight lines and huge fish forever.


Tags:  Hot Wings
           Big Fish
           BITE ME

YellowStoneFly at the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog.