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Friday, January 31, 2014

Epoxy Streamer

"Epoxy Streamer" was designed and tied by YellowStoneFly from the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog. This fly is a byproduct of the YSF Forever Strike Indicator and its braided wire shield. We have also shown our Salmon Slayer, which uses the aluminum tape shield, and eventually we'll see the indicator's rubber outer jacket and central copper wire used in other patterns as well.

The epoxy streamer shown here is a must for Idaho fly fishing for trout, salmon and steelhead. It is a very easy tie and almost indestructible. Its casts easily and the action is life-like. I would suggest your tying this pattern on a 1-0 hook or larger. Use your imagination for colors that will fish most successfully on your local waters. Next to the color shown here, I persoanlly have been very successful with it tied in olive green.

Wrap red thread tightly onto shank.
Add strung marabou as tail.
Tie braided wire shield onto shank at bend and secure.
Secure wire shield behind eye and form
body shape as desired.
Apply 5 minute epoxy onto fly liberally. Fill entire body. 

Now crop marabou tail to desired length.

Now you have one great Idaho fly fishing streamer. Come fly fish Idaho as soon as possible. Remember, Idaho has more wilderness than any of the lower 48. If you really have the desire to fly fish here, let me know and I'll take you fly fishing.

Tags: Bull River - Montana

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