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Friday, March 21, 2014

Too Many Fly Rods

Courtesy of brother Glen "Falls from boats" and Facebook, enjoy this cartoon. Will be on holiday for the next 2 weeks. No more posts until at least April 6th. It was almost 50 degrees in Idaho today. Almost time to go Idaho fly fishing.

There is absolutely no way I could have more rods than my wife has shoes--not in a million years.

Hard takes and tight lines to you all. See you again soon.

IdahoAngler@live.com (aka YellowStoneFly)

Tags:  BH Zebra Nymph
     Black Crawler
     Black Ants (Summertime)
     Cranefly Larvae
     Epoxy Streame

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wolf Madness

YellowStoneFly has developed a new category: "Environment". What is "madness"? As per Wikipedia madness is "Insanity, a severe mental disorder." Within the last two years the moose, elk herds and many of the whitetail deer have all but disappeared from our state. The moose are all but gone. The deer numbers have decreased. Elk herds are still here, but their numbers are significantly down and they stay down low in the valleys all year.

Why? Rumor has it that "problem" wolves have been imported from areas such as Yellowstone Park and now they are proliferating. They now kill for fun and not food. They are even killing livestock and horses. Small children and domestic pets may be next. Their numbers must be culled.

Who am I to say that if you accidentally shoot (while protecting yourself of course) a wolf with a low caliber bullet in the gut that it will not be here tomorrow to kill and harass. The pack will make sure it disappears. They will eat their own. You know blogs are supposed to be controversial. Let us know what you think about these beautiful yet menacing creatures. Should we continue to allow this insanity?

Come and fly fish Idaho soon.


Tags: YSF Assam
     YSF Black Caddis
     YSF Salmon Slayer
     YSF Stinger (Foam Terrestrial)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Cancun Rainbow?

Courtesy of IDFFA member "BO" on a recent trip to Cancun, Mexico. She told me this was obviously a "Cancun Rainbow", which of course I believed. After a long, snowy, wet winter, the real Idaho fly fisher would believe absolutely anything when it comes to a fish story.

Idaho Fly Fishing
Great catch Mary!
Won't be long now.

Which is the real "Cancun Rainbow"?

Fly Fish Idaho

Come and fly fish Idaho soon.

Hard takes (I am sure this photo represents a "hard take") and tight lines to you all.


Idaho Fly FishersTags:  San Juan Worm
     San Juan Worm (Alternative)
     Skunk Hair Caddis
     "Skunk" Wolly Bugger
     Spring High Water Winner

Sunday, March 16, 2014

YSF Black (Pheasant Tail) Caddis

Idaho fly fishing
Brooks' "Black Crawler"
In memory: "Larger Trout for the Western Fly Fisherman" by Charles E. Brooks (1921-1986) copyright 1970. You will see a lot of similarity between YellowStoneFly's YSF Black Caddis and the "Black Crawler" designed by Mr. Brooks. I am also of the opinion, as was Mr. Brooks, that as live bugs float through the water, they are not seen rotating by fish. Therefore, if the fly looks the same at all angles, the looks is more natural to them. I am therefore tying my nymphs where they look the same from all angles.

Idaho fly fishing
1-Dyed black pheasant tail
and gun metal blue wire.
#12-#18 hook.
The black caddis is a common bug in western streams and the nymph is a very prevalent food source. Therefore, when faced with a hatch of this insect, this YSF derivation stands to be a very effective pattern. It is fairly easy to pattern to tie, but I do suggest a very light hackle.

Come fly fish Idaho
2-Wrap pheasant tail to center and
over wrap with wire.

Idaho fly fishing rocks
3-Add more pheasant tail (butt end
first) to center portion.

Idaho fly fishers
4-Wrap forward and tie off
behind eye.

Idaho Fly Fishers Association
5-Add sparse black hackle
and wrap ONCE.
CLICK ON ALL PHOTOS TO ENLARGE. Come and enjoy Idaho fly fishing this season. Lighter than average snowfall, unless we get a lot of spring rain, should lend to a longer, drier and lower water than normal this season. This means the dries should do quite well.

6-Whip finish head and tie off.
Head cement if desired.
Hard takes, tight lines and bring out all those flies you have been tying this winter.


Tags: Bull River - Montana * * * * * * *
     Clark Fork River - Idaho / Montana
     Coeur d'Alene - Idaho's Year Round Fishery
     Flathead River System - Montana
     Kootenai River - Idaho / Montana

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today is a Unique, Great Day

Oh to see life again as a child. But just maybe we appreciate things more as we age. Thanks to IDFFA member "Stretch" for this wonderful, thought provoking video. Watch the entire thing. You will not be disappointed and .....

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

.....bring your child/grandchild soon for some great Idaho fly fishing.

Idaho Fly Fishers BlogIdahoAngler@live.com

Tags:  Coeur d'Alene - Idaho's Year Round Fishery
Flathead River System - Montana
     Kootenai River - Idaho / Montana
     Missouri River - Montana
     Moyie River - Idaho

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Soft Tocos

 If you were wondering why I posted this photo in my last post,

Here's why!
  So, unless you have one of these very energetic hunting dogs such as I

Or one of these

Then I strongly suggest you do not throw one of these onto a streamside bank or leave the left overs at you campfire.

Come and fly fish Idaho soon. Be prepared. Hard takes and tight lines to you all. The Skwala are coming soon.

Don't forget the IDFFA meeting on the Big Horn 9/11-9/13. Come if you can. We will be staying at Absaraka (meaning "home of the Crow") Fishing Bear Cabins. Zoe and Dave are wonderful hosts. Everyone is invited. Let me know directly and I will tell you the name under which the reservations are made. We are almost full, so you should respond soon.


Sis-in-Law's Charleston Red - NICE!
Tags:  Moyie River - Idaho
     Moyie River - Spring 2014
     BUCKET LIST (THE ... of Fly Fishing)
     Bull River - Montana * * * * * * *

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spar Lake, MT Revisited

Another Idaho fly fishing email to an Idaho Fly Fishers Association Member and friend with some fly fishing questions since we are all dreaming about those large trout once snow melt occurs. Keep those cards and letters coming --> IdahoAngler@live.com.  

Dear FP,

Nice to have had a little time the other day to discuss with you the fishing at Big Spar Lake off the Bull River Road in Montana. When you get here, give me a call and perhaps I could join you for the day. I do not know though whether I want to sleep with the grizzlies at night. 

One thing for sure, there really nice cutties in the Spar Lakes. Caught two and have seen others with the excellent water clarity. 

Easy access, simply go from Clark Fork, ID to the MT state line on Hwy 200. Continue east for 10 miles, then turn north on MT Hwy 56 along the Bull. You will travel 24.2 miles up the Bull River Road, pass the Bull Lake, then left onto Asarco/Troy Mine Road (all gravel). You will know if you go a mile toward Troy mine and do not see the grizzly warning sign.
Once you turn left onto Asarco/Troy Mine Road, you will cross over Lake Creek, which flows down to Troy, just a little ways passed the grizzly sign. You will then go up a rise with a drop-off on the left (road a little narrow here) , then you will merge into a better, wider gravel road (will merge in from the right). Continue until you see the lake on your left. The road does snake a little and of course no guard rails, so be careful. Go around lake and you'll run into campground. There may be a host there, so stop to pay fee. Slightly down and to your right is the boat ramp. Total trek is about 8 miles from MT Hwy 56 (Bull River Road).
I would use a float tube or small boat in which to fish. Springtime go the windward side and fish either tandem Chironomids or as a dropper off a large stonefly. Local fly guys tell me the former is best. Maybe you and I could use your canoe and motor over to an appropriate area, tow my pontoon boat, then I can exit so we can both catch those big cutties.
Good luck and see you soon. Hard takes, tight lines and come and fly fish Idaho with us soon.  
YellowStoneFly --> IdahoAngler@live.com

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nantahala River North Carolina

Recent email to a dear fly fishing friend and Idaho Fly Fishers Association Member:

Dear Stretch,

As per our phone conversation this morning, one of my personal favorite trout streams is the Nantahala River in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains. This river was listed on my page entitled "Fly Fisherman's Bucket List". Simply enter the address "27395 Wayah Rd, Topton, NC" and it should take you directly to the river's edge. It appears to be approximately a 4 1/4 hours drive from where you are currently located. It is an absolutely gorgeous drive from Chattanooga east.

This is a 4 mile stretch of river off of the main river body coming down from Nantahala Lake. The river is only about 50 feet wide, but houses some HUGE trout. Make sure you go there between October 1 and July 1. Catch and release with single hook fishing only. Email and I will make fly suggestions again.

Accommodations are available in Murphy, NC and Bryson City, NC. Bryson City has a little more to offer and is another 30 minutes NE just off US Hwy 74. Lots to see and do. Make sure you stop by the restaurant at the Nantahala Outdoor Center; sit by the river and have lunch.

Have you yet paid your Big Horn deposit for the IDFFA fly fishing trip? Will contact Zoe soon and send out another email.


PS - Don't forget to get a NC fishing license.

Come and fly fish the great outdoor state of Idaho soon. The snow is melting.

Hard takes, tight lines and may all you fly fishing dreams come true this season.


Tags:  Big Hole River - Montana
     Big Horn River - Montana
     Big Wood River - Idaho
     BUCKET LIST (THE ... of Fly Fishing)
     Bull River - Montana * * * * * * *