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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spar Lake, MT Revisited

Another Idaho fly fishing email to an Idaho Fly Fishers Association Member and friend with some fly fishing questions since we are all dreaming about those large trout once snow melt occurs. Keep those cards and letters coming --> IdahoAngler@live.com.  

Dear FP,

Nice to have had a little time the other day to discuss with you the fishing at Big Spar Lake off the Bull River Road in Montana. When you get here, give me a call and perhaps I could join you for the day. I do not know though whether I want to sleep with the grizzlies at night. 

One thing for sure, there really nice cutties in the Spar Lakes. Caught two and have seen others with the excellent water clarity. 

Easy access, simply go from Clark Fork, ID to the MT state line on Hwy 200. Continue east for 10 miles, then turn north on MT Hwy 56 along the Bull. You will travel 24.2 miles up the Bull River Road, pass the Bull Lake, then left onto Asarco/Troy Mine Road (all gravel). You will know if you go a mile toward Troy mine and do not see the grizzly warning sign.
Once you turn left onto Asarco/Troy Mine Road, you will cross over Lake Creek, which flows down to Troy, just a little ways passed the grizzly sign. You will then go up a rise with a drop-off on the left (road a little narrow here) , then you will merge into a better, wider gravel road (will merge in from the right). Continue until you see the lake on your left. The road does snake a little and of course no guard rails, so be careful. Go around lake and you'll run into campground. There may be a host there, so stop to pay fee. Slightly down and to your right is the boat ramp. Total trek is about 8 miles from MT Hwy 56 (Bull River Road).
I would use a float tube or small boat in which to fish. Springtime go the windward side and fish either tandem Chironomids or as a dropper off a large stonefly. Local fly guys tell me the former is best. Maybe you and I could use your canoe and motor over to an appropriate area, tow my pontoon boat, then I can exit so we can both catch those big cutties.
Good luck and see you soon. Hard takes, tight lines and come and fly fish Idaho with us soon.  
YellowStoneFly --> IdahoAngler@live.com

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