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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kootenai River River Report 2/28/2014

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Kootenai River Bull Trout - Sorry for the blur.
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Kootenai can offer GREAT fly fishing!
And NO combat fishing.
Kootenai River float tomorrow. Going with IDFFA member Kevin FP from Oklahoma. Much rain yesterday and last night. River is probably up a little. Current Discharge, 17,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) as of  06-28-2014 @ 08:00 MDT. This is 3,000 cfs-4,000 cfs below summer low flows and represents dam outflow above Libby. It is however a very steady flow. Remember this is a long tail water river and we'll be fishing about 45-50 miles below the Libby, MT dam.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
GREAT wade fishing opportunities.

The main lateral tributaries are Fisher Creek just below the Libby dam, Lake Creek at Troy and the Yaak River 6 miles east of the Idaho/Montana state line. These will contribute to Kootenai River flows, but should be short lived and minimal tomorrow. Current river gage height in feet is 22.03 on 06-28-2014 @ 08:00 MDT. This is well below flood stage of 27.5 feet.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
There are some critters.
Based on USGS river information, we are at 65% flow at Leonia (where we will be) so if the water is not too cloudy from recent rains and runoff the fishing should be good. Ironically, on this date two years prior the Kootenai River levels WELL above flood stage. I can remember the water being so high on the southern bank, the casino gamblers in Bonners Ferry almost needed waders. Here's my call for flies tomorrow. Large streamers, San Juan worms, large golden stones and if we are really lucky maybe a BWO hatch if it warms a little and the sun comes out. Wish us luck.

Hard takes, tight lines, sore shoulders and huge trout to you all forever. LIFE IS SHORT, GO IDAHO FLY FISHING.


Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

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     Kootenai River - Idaho / Montana
Western Fly Hatches
     Montana Grand Slam
          Montana Trifecta

Friday, June 27, 2014

NF Coeur d'Alene River (Revisited)

Fly Fish Idaho
Scenery above Big Hanks Campground in the National Forrest
You will remember the NF CDA float posted here from May 26, 2014. 'Twas a great day and a great float trip thanks to our guide Randy Dingman of ROW fly fishing adventures. (Type in any name or subject in blog upper left search box and see where it leads).

Fly Fish Idaho
Fly Fisher just below Teepee Creek

On a whim about 10 days ago, I decided to do a few hours of wade fishing on the CDA on a dreary Saturday. Drizzly rain and around 50 degrees. Someone told me they had had flurries in Prichard, ID the day before--now that would be June. Awoke early and drove over from NE Washington. Only took about an hour to get over the pass and to Kellogg. Another 15 minutes and I was in the quaint town of Wallace right on I-90 where "Dante's Peak" was mostly filmed.

Fly Fish Idaho
Soft as Fir
Had breakfast and drove over the mountain up, then down 9 Mile Creek Road to Prichard--beautiful but would not advise if one is prone to motion sickness. Once there you turn north along the NF CDA and travel about 25 miles until road ends. Teepee Creek and multiple others are there. Camping is available. Gravel road is VERY rough. I actually did most of my fishing just below Big Hanks Campground. Just park on a turn out, find a riverside trail and go for it.

There was nothing on top that cloudy, rainy, dreary morning, but did real well with my own version of an olive Assam Dragon (YSF Assam). Try adding a little flash to marabou tail for better effect. Multiple 12"-14" size cutties. Actually hooked a hog in one pool which ran into my backing twice then threw my fly--darn those crimped down barbless hooks. Never even saw the fish. And by the way the red firs with their new growth were the softest looking I have ever seen.

Fly Fish Idaho
IDFFA Member "FP" Young with
average NF CDA cuttie.

Hard takes and tight lines forever. Come and fly fish with us in Idaho. Idaho fly fishing this summer promises to be excellent.


Tags:  Scuba Trout Fishing
     Slow Dries? Try Clipping!
     Sticky Ferrules
Wade Fishing

Idaho Summer Hummer

Idaho Fly Fishing
1-The Decision
This is really cool. Took these myself while sitting on my deck overlooking Lake Pend Oreille, cooking steaks on the grill and sipping on an Old Crow. Enjoy.

Idaho Fly Fishing
2-Beginning Descent
Idaho has much more to offer than great fly fishing.
Idaho Fly Fishing
3-Still Descending
Come fly fish Idaho soon and really enjoy what nature has to offer.
daho Fly Fishing
4-The Nose Dive
Hard takes, tight lines, huge trout and sore arms (and shoulders) forever.
Idaho Fly Fishing
5-The Drink

Idaho Fly Fishing
Idaho Fly Fishing
7-Still Digesting
Just came back from a wade on the NF of the Coeur d'Alene. See next post.
Idaho Fly Fishing
8-Descending Again
Going to float the Kootenai in 2 days. Stay tuned.
Idaho Fly Fishing

Idaho Fly Fishing

Friday, June 20, 2014

Shotguns and flyreels are jewelry for men

"Shotguns and flyreels are jewelry for men." Great saying I heard the other day. Thought I would share.

Come and fly fish Idaho soon. Water is dropping and fishing is really picking up. Try out some of our world class rivers like the Big Horn, the Bull, the Kootenai and the Clark Fork.
Hard takes and tight lines,

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Take the Tour

Over the years, we have accumulated some really great header shots of which we are very proud. Enjoy and take the complete tour by clicking on the PHOTO HEADER link at the end of this post. CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TO ENLARGE. You can sort of see the evolution of Idaho Fly Fishers Blog here.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Photo Headers

All of these headers represent places I have fished and friends with whom I have fished over the years. There is a lifetime of an Idaho Fly Fisher's memories here. Come and fly fish Idaho soon.

Hard takes, tight lines, huge fish, tired arms and great fly fishing memories to you all.

PS-If there are personal photos which you would like to share, please send and I will post. If we get enough participation, I'll open up a blog followers' photo page. That would be really neat.

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Bull River Montana

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bull River Hogs (2)

"Bull River Hogs" was composed by YellowStoneFly at the Idaho Fly Fishers blog; the site for 
The Bull parallels MT Hwy 56
current NW fly fishing information. Took a quick trip into Montana on April 15th, tax day, to check out several rivers. My last visit was to the Bull, one of Montana's premier freestone streams. The flats are flooded from rain and snow melt, but the river water is beginning to receed back into the river bed. The water is obviously 1-2 feet below the crest of a week ago. It is definitely floatable in a raft or drift boat.

11.5 mile raft / canoe access
I do not know what the ideal cfs flow rate is for this river but, if the rain stops, there should be excellent fishing soon. This is great Montana fly fishing. You will not find a more beautiful high mountain valley anywhere and it is right smack in the middle of the Cabinet Mountain range. For directions go to blog post "The Bull River, Montana" or send me a note or comment for more specific directions if needed.

Typical valley vista - Easy float
In the spring, I would try a Brown Drake (absolutely the best Bull dry), Clouser minnow or black/olive wooly bugger. Sometimes golden stones and large hare's ear nymphs will bring success as well. Whatever you fish make it big. A little flash would not hurt either. There really are some large bulls, browns and cutthroats in this river. Make sure you do not keep the bulls. Oh yeah, it is a new year so do not forget your 2011 Montana fishing license. There is a C-store approximately 3 miles east of the river on Montana highway 200 that sells licenses. Out-of-state licenses are now $70 for the year.

South facing from 8 mile bridge
So why does a north Idaho fly fishing nut enjoy the Bull River? As I have already mentioned, the scenery is incredible! The area I like to fish is from the canoe access at milepost 11.5 down to the ramp (I use that term loosely but you can get a trailer in with only modest difficulty) at the 8 mile bridge. Do try fishing near the bridge for I have seen some hogs beneath it. This is a very easy, relaxing float that takes 4-5 hours and you have basically few rapids to fight. If you need a shuttle or a guide for the day, try Dave Blackburn at the Kootenai Angler or the Kootenai River Outfitters located at the north end of highway 56. They are great people and very knowledgeable about the local waters.  

North facing from 8 mile bridge
If you want to make your visit into a few days or an entire week, talk with these guys about the Kootenai, the Moyie and the Clark Fork. All of these rivers are within an hour or two of the Bull. Another really good, but wade fishing only river, is the Thompson River. It is only a stone's throw of the Bull just east of Thompson Falls, MT. Water level there was perfect on tax day.

Enjoy your trip and come try out the fly fishing in Idaho and NW Montana.

Idaho Angler (IdahoAngler@live.com

          Idaho Fly Fishers.com

Bull River Cutty caught on a Brown Drake 6/14/2011

Saturday, June 7, 2014

D-Day's 70th Anniversary (2)

2,500 soldiers dead-horrible!. Imagine if this were one of your loved ones.
"A man wearing a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football."
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
A tribute to those who lost it ALL!
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Come and fly fish Idaho this summer. Always remember!!!
Hard takes, tight lines and huge trout to all our Idaho fly fishers.
     Our US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment
     Pearl Harbor - 10:48 am PST December 7, 1941
     Pearl Harbor - 10:48 am PST Dec 7, 1941 - Page 2
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog      UN Small Arms Treaty
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Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day's 70th Anniversary (1)

Casualties at D-Day are quoted around 10,000 with 2,500 dead. These normal, hard working Joes sacrificed everything to keep us free. May we always remember. The USA rocks! Enjoy!

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
A tribute to those who lost it ALL on D-Day
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
If only those who died had had the opportunity to fly fish Idaho.
Hard takes, tight lines and sore arms to you all.
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God, Guns & Guts
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