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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog"The only time that "America" comes alive is in the final section when, having undercut any reason for good, God-fearing people to hate America, the film sets out to identify the people who are trying to ruin everything in order to push their devious agenda."-Roger Ebert

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog"America is worth saving, and we have the tools to do so in our DNA..."-John Fund-National Review Online.

"America" just came out in theaters and, predictably, the left is bashing and the right is praising the flick. Go see it and be your own judge. I do not normally mention political movies here, but blog follower FP from Oklahoma feels so strongly about this movie, he has seen it 3 times this week. I have not yet had the time, but if FP suggests it, I will definitely make the effort to go and see soon.

Hard takes, tight lines, huge Idaho fly fishing trout and good 'ole AMERICAN strength to everyone.


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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Moyie - Why Not?

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Just a quick note to all readers that I believe my PC has whirling disease - not the spirochete but the virus. May have to take in for repairs so could be down a while.

Idaho Fly Fishers BlogI was watching the evening news the other day and heard that the networks do not tell the truth regarding some stories. Are you surprised? One thing we do try and do here at the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog is tell the truth. If you read online, you will find that the Moyie River in north Idaho only holds rainbows below Meadow Creek. Bologna! BS! Bull donkey!

Idaho Fly Fishers BlogI am here to tell you that this spring and early summer, I have been doing quite well fishing the faster moving waters below the rapids at depths of 4-6 feet. There are some really nice bows here, mostly in the 10-12 inch range, but some are 14 inchers or more; and they fight. My best fly of the season is a Black Crawler weighted nymph, but as the weather warms, try small Adams on top for some guaranteed brookie action. They are small but they are fun and you will catch most of them in the faster water.

The other thing about the Moyie above Meadow Creek, is that it is one of the most beautiful small rivers in the NW. Gorgeous evergreens, clear water and feisty fish. Perfect for "wet wading". Give it a try if you are in the mood for some consistent Idaho fly fishing this summer.

Hard takes, tight lines and great catches to you all.

Idaho Fly Fishers BlogIdahoAngler@live.com

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Great Idaho Fly Fishing Day

We (IDFFA member Kevin FP Old and I) had another great day yesterday fly fishing Idaho's "Mighty River". The fish sizes were not what they were a week ago, but the numbers were good. Our catch included mostly rainbows with a cutthroat and white fish thrown in for good measure. Nothing on top yet, but we expect the hoppers any day now. Anticipate 100 degrees within a week.

Idaho Fly Fishers BlogFlies of the day were the golden stone and black crawler. There were a few BWO's, but not enough to re-rig for in my opinion. PS did pick up a large caddis larva (#6) just as we were leaving yesterday. Personally, I am going to borrow a few horse tail hairs from our Fjords and tie as a darker brown to match the locals.

The day was brilliant with just a little westerly breeze. A rare cloud in the sky afforded red faces and arms. It actually got quite warm towards the end of the day. We did cheat a little yesterday and took FP's motorized aluminum canoe, so we did not burn as many calories as rowing last week. But I must admit it was a lot easier.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
One of the great things about our last two outings was the lack of company. Last week we saw no one on our 17 mile float; this week did produce one jet boat, one canoe and one zodiac with its sole fisherman. "Combat fishing" never here. One of the great things about north Idaho. To the south however, this time of year, there are many more vacation fishers. That's okay though, just getting out is really great.

Come and fly fish Idaho with us very soon. Hard takes and tight lines.


Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
North Idaho Rainbow
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kootenai River Fish Story

Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 06:36:47 -0700
From: rdingman91@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Kootenai River
To: idahoangler@live.com

Dear YellowStoneFly,

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
YSF Stinger
Thanks for the posts and the flies (YSF Stinger) work great....if I have a day to myself the Kootenai has been on my bucket list...
we’ll talk soon. 
Randy (Dingman guide for ROW Adventure Fly Fishing). 
Randy's contact information is:
Work at ROW Adventures
Personal email
Cell Phone: 208-755-4403

On Tuesday, July 1, 2014 8:32 AM, Idaho Angler <idahoangler@live.com> wrote:
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
YSF Assam
The Kootenai float yielded some really fat 14"-16"ers. Quite a few in this range. A few 10"-12"ers as well. Some were rainbows and some cutbows. Mostly large streamers (the OLIVE YSF Assam with black krystal flash in tail, black tipped rabbit and fluorescent green centipede legs). Try tying also with extra tail hook (stinger) and marabou and krystal flash extension. There was two nice BWO hatches as well during our two (few) sun showers. Not too bad a trip considering the terribly rainy weather. 
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Kootenai River Moonshine
Kevin and I fished the Kootenai from the Yaak to the Moyie. Long 17 mile float and 9 hours but well worth it due to fish sizes. We saw not one Montana or Idaho fly fisher the entire day. If you decide to go let me know and I'll suggest some productive spots from our trip. Best way to fish is using the shuttle at Twin Rivers Campground in Moyie Springs right at the mouth of the Moyie. They have redone their ramp there and it is much easier than years past. Shuttlier name is Rex. Cost is $40 + $5 gratuity. Sometimes his wife Shelly does the shuttle. Phone is 208-267-5932. Their busy season is just beginning, so call for shuttle reservation in advance. 
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Kootenai Bow
This is a beautiful and pristine float. I only counted 5-6 visible houses (up on the bluff b/w the Yaak and Moyie River ridge. You will also float right by the old MT/ID mining ghost town of Leonia where Boulder Creek flows into the Kootenai. White tail, eagles and osprey abound. Absolutely no difficult water. Should the wind be from the west, can require some rowing at the very last of the float. 
Hard takes, tight lines, sore arms and shoulders and huge fish to you. Hope you have a really great summer. 
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Kootenai just above the Moyie