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Here is the scoop. We will also be going on some shorter side trips this summer as well. They will be posted here. If you live in Montana, Idaho or Washington state, you may want to contact IdahoAngler@live.com for details. You'll meet some really great fellow fishers!
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Idaho - What's Not To Love?

The most beautiful place in the lower 48 to live! Enjoy! CLICK ON PHOTOS TO GET FULL EFFECT.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
 Not bad. Hard takes, tight lines, sore shoulders and huge trout to you all.
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog


Friday, September 26, 2014

Pike on a Fly

Canadian Pike
Pike; absolutely, but you'll be using large, colorful streamers and steel leaders. 9 foot, 9 weight rods and expensive reels. But possible? Yes!. As a matter of fact, they are fun to catch but very expensive to get to. The pike (right) was caught on conventional spinning gear in Canada and is being held by the son of a new friend and very chivalrous guy by the name of Tom from Liberty Lake, WA. He did not use conventional 4-5 weight rods and 4-5 x tippets we normally do for Idaho fly fishing. But why would he? These guys are huge and REAL fighters.

The tarpon below was caught by my brother off of Charleston, SC again with salt water gear and not on a fly. They can also be caught by the methods described above and are horrific fighters as well.
Charleston Tarpon

So if you want these monsters on a fly, it is very possible. However, because this is mostly an Idaho fly fishing blog, I will hold these fly fishing secrets for another time. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, keep those light weight lines & rods, small tippets and midge flies handy for some relatively large Idaho trout. It is much more fun and exciting, in my opinion, than the Canadian pike and Charleston tarpon on much larger equipment.

A very good example of what is in store for you in the rivers and streams of Idaho is this 15" rainbow (shown below) caught on the Moyie River this past Tuesday, September 23rd. It just happened to go airborne on three occasions prior to being netted and then it was gently released to be caught another day.
15" Moyie River Rainbow - 9/23/2014
Hard takes, tight lines and huge fish to you all. Have a great day! 

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Idaho Fly Fishers Annual Meeting

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Big Horn River - Idaho Fly Fishers Association
Annual Meeting - September 10-14, 2014

YellowStoneFly of the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog is proud to announce the addition of 4 new members:

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Late summer MT snow - 9/11/14
Avery (The Co-Captain)
Caleb (The Sous Chef)
Greg (The Coors Man)
Jorge (The Columbian)

We had another great meeting at Absaraka Lodge in Fort Smith, MT and Zoe and Dave were wonderful hosts as usual. There were two mishaps this year. First and most important, someone has apparently been screwing with the water flows and this fishery, one of THE best in the lower 48, was definitely not fishing as well as usual. Second, even though we started on 9/11, it actually had the audacity to SNOW in Montana that first day. Can you believe that?

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
FP - OK - Fish On!

The fish sizes were almost as good as usual, but the numbers were definitely down. All in all, we all really had a good time. Unfortunately, BO and Bobo had a family emergency and had to leave early. A text from BO the day after they departed, mentioned how much they missed particularly the Hopper's Cajun cooking. Strange they didn't mention the comradery and late night (everyone was in bed by 10 pm) poker. Unfortunately, as with last year, FP had to re-enter into "gamblers anonymous" as soon as he touched down back in OK. But at least he brought fudge again this year from the WORLD FAMOUS FUDGENOMICS in Norman, OK.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Cold! Morning mist over Big Horn

Select photos of our trip are shown. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a group shot this year due to the early departure of some of our members, but this will be first on our agenda at next year's meeting. If you have a need to join a fly fishing organization with some great people and would like to meet us for our annual trip next year in Montana, please contact me at IDFFA or at the email address listed below.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Big Horn Brown - Lightning Bug
Hard takes, tight lines, sore arms and huge trout to you all. The season out west will be coming to an end here soon. Get out there and fish. Carpe Diem.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog


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     Lanyard - Poor Man's *

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
IDFFA member - cold
September night.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Furled Leaders

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
Furled Leaders from Zen Outfitters
Thought we should revisit these. I have been using exclusively Jaime's Furled Leaders now for about 2 years. These things roll out like you would not believe. I personally like the 6 1/2 footer trout. I my opinion, these are absolutely the best leaders on the market. PS-the ones at Cabelas are worthless and retain memory once on the reel; these don't. Jaime's designed his leaders for dry flies, but you can nymph with them as well if you do not want to change the leader. They have perhaps a little more drag due to the design, but with a little weight they work well.
For dries, you really cannot beat them. They float great, they lay out PERFECTLY and they last forever. The little tungsten loop makes adding and changing tippet a breeze and they have a looped end for changing to different lines easily. I now have one on each reel including sink tips; and I have a lot of fly reels. Try Jaime's leaders, you will not be disappointed. Also try out his other great products at Zen Outfitters. 

"Furled leaders". An honest product review by YellowStoneFly of the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog. Occasionally, as a lifelong fly fisher and blog contributor, I am asked to review fly fishing products by new companies. I agree to do so and in return write an honest opinion regarding the product's quality and functionality as a fishing tool. Here I was asked by Jaime of Zen Outfitters to try out their furled leaders and give my honest opinion. So here goes. Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

The word "furl" means basically:
As a transitive verb - to roll up tightly and make secure, as a flag to a staff or a sail to a spar.
As an intransitive verb - to become curled or rolled up.
As a noun - a roll or coil of something furled.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog Furled leaders have been around for a long time and, as with many early fly lines, were originally made from silk or horsehair. These leaders are made from over 90 yards of Uni Brand thread and are ALL handmade. They are very labor intensive to make--thereby the price tag. They are produced in multiple colors which to me has great advantage when fishing very small dry flies in certain light. You may be able to see your take easier if multiple fish are rising. The colors in no way affect the functionality of the leaders nor do they "spook" the fish. Why? You are attaching a long piece of tippet, usually 3-7 feet, to each leader. And the way the leader lays out each cast, your leader should be no where near the fish of subject.

Idaho Fly Fishers BlogWhy pay 2 times more for these furled leaders? First and foremost, they are FAR superior to monofilament leaders. There is absolutely no memory when reeled onto your reel. They are far more supple than mono and they lay out the fly where even, in my opinion, the novice will get far more distance with each cast. Zen's leaders have a loop on the butt end making for an easy line attachment. Of significant advantage is the nickel alloy tippet rings on the small end for ease of tippet attachment. This is what really sets the good furled leaders apart. To me, the 78" 5 weight leader is perfect for the dries I like to fish on most of my 9 foot, 5 weight rods. You simply will not believe the potential difference you will experience in you casting. Mending is simple, wind knots are almost unheard of and they float perfectly. I do believe these leaders will last for many seasons with proper care. Find a mono leader that will last you even a full season (without getting a "terminal wind knot"). Thereby, I can easily say your extra cost is justified.

Idaho Fly Fishers Blog
I simply cannot say enough about the Zen Outfitters handmade leaders. Kudos to Jaime. I will soon be trying his sink product and can't wait to try out the different colors of Zen Ultra Iridescent floatants. PS-Zen Outfitters is located in southern Idaho so they got to be good guys!

Happy Idaho Fly Fishing. Hard takes, tight lines and bent rods to you all.


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