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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Philosophy and Idaho Fly Fishing (Part I)

Idaho Fly Fishers

Have you bought a bag of chips lately? Do you remember when you were a kid you would buy a bag of Ruffles (est. 1958 - Frito-Lays) and it WASN'T mostly filled with air. The company says the air is pumped into the bag keeps the chips "fresher". I say "BS". The air just makes the bags look like you are getting a lot for your money. It is all crap! Now one only gets a third of a bag of chips for 3 times the money paid in the 50's.
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

One of the nicer things about having a blog, is that you can pretty much state whatever you want. If you want to say that your dog's mixed breed of border collie and Australian shepherd has been shown to be the most intelligent dogs on earth; then it is; unless someone disputes this in the blog's published comments--if you allow published comments. Or if you say you caught a 36" trout in that 6 foot stream in your back yard in Costa Rica yesterday, then it is fact until disproven or disputed. Here however at the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog we ALWAYS tell the  truth.

Idaho Fly Fishers BlogNow for philosophy--have you ever spent the evening sitting next to a drunk philosophy grad student in a local bar discussing the "what if's" of not killing the wolf so they can dominate the forests and keep the public away so we humans will not "imprint" those forest lands? Maybe the drunk Greek philosophy grads in 457 BC really came up with the idea of the I-phone so that Steve Jobs could invent it. I don't know, but the one thing I do know is life is very short, and it becomes shorter as one ages. Do you remember how long the days were when you were 12 and how short they are now? Just wait to 60.

High Mountain Ridge, Idaho - 10/2104

Idaho Fly Fishers BlogSunsets are great! Autumn is beautiful--so are winters, springs and summers. Just look around and really appreciate the beauty of life and the world. Look at the leaves turning; feel the fall coolness in the air. I really feel for "city slickers" who never get away from the masses in order to enjoy the countryside's natural beauty. They are DEPRIVED! Who are they to say the wolves do more good than harm when they have never seen any animal in the wild. So why should the "Delta smelt" be allowed to destroy the livelihoods and lives of the people of the drought stricken Central Valley in California. Hey, we are mostly catch and release Idaho fly fishers here but you can't let people starve for a very small fish. Look at the desert tortoise in Utah? How absurd? Just think, Harry Reed's son almost became a gazillionaire and almost got many innocent people killed in the process.
Idaho Fly Fishers Blog

Enough, Part II tomorrow featuring the real philosophy behind Idaho fly fishing. I am kind of lucky, because our readership to date does not lead to a lot of dissention regarding my posts. This really can be fun.


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