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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Begins

Happy New Year from YellowStoneFly of the Idaho Fly Fishers Blog. Here is my most recent reply to a follower "JM" who will be coming our way to some Idaho fly fishing next summer. Enjoy some new fish photos from guide Randy Dingman.

Dear JM,

We would love to have you join our blog. Simply go to Idaho Fly Fishers Blog and at the top of the right hand column simply click on the Join this site button and it will take you to this page. Enter you email and a password and you’re good to go. If you are already a member of Google then click on the Already a member? Sign In button, again at the top right below members and it will again take you to this page. So much for the housekeeping, now to the fun.
I began this blog sometime back when I moved permanently to eastern Washington/Idaho in 2010. The purpose is not to make money, for I certainly don’t, but to inform those interested of this great sport which had dominated most of my adult life. Idaho Fly Fishers Blog has been great fun and on cold, snowy days like today, help to pass the time. I warrant nothing on my blog, and all is my personal experience and opinion, except of course readers posts which are not required. A lot of my feedback goes directly through my email at IdahoAngler@live.com or iPhone once readers get my number. I also have associated websites, which I rarely work due to scarce time, of Idaho Fly Fishers. com and Idaho Fly Fishers Association. We do have some activity on Idaho Fly Fishers on Facebook and YellowStoneFly onTwitter. My Facebook page has some photos of the Idaho Fly Fishers Association (IDFFA) with our annual trip and meeting to the Big Horn River in south central Montana.

I will admit to being mostly a conservative blog, but I try to keep those thoughts to a minimum unless my passion overwhelms me. The IDFFA is composed of a bunch of similar guys from all over the country, but we throw in a couple of lefties for good measure and never discuss politics when we all get together to fish. Membership is FREE, just let me know if you want to join. There is no application and no membership requirements other than being an avid fly fisher. Average age is probably 58, but range is about 30 to 70. We do have a really great time when we get together. IDFFA members home states include OR, WA, MO, KS, OK, PA, GA, ID, VA, FL, LA and MT.

Regarding your specifics questions in your emails, the following may be of benefit to you so read whatever you choose. Yes I do fish chironomids (#10-14) usually with a float. I usually fish two in tandem, one very close to the bottom and one up about three feet. Recast with a very, very slow lift for the fish will often strike then. Occasionally, replace bottom one with pheasant tail or other small (#18-22) midge nymph. The windy side of lakes in the spring are the best unless you want to use very small (#18-22) as trailers in the rivers. Our snow run off will usually last until mid to late June.

For easy blog usage type in the word or name for which you are searching like Coeur d’Alene River in the box in the far upper left had corner of my blog. This way you can get all of the river information you need quickly without searching through all of my posts. For instance, if you want to research how to tie a really good springtime TeePee Creek fly simply type in YSF Stinger and there it is. For tips on how to fish the Stinger go here.  Another really good springtime fly for the CDA is the YSF Assam Dragon tied in olive. Simply allow to sink, fish downstream and allow to hover before stripping 3-4 times and allowing to hover again.

Another quick trick is to go to my “Fly Tying” page and take a look at the local effective flies. Even if you are not a tier, except for my “YSF” fly designs, you will find here some great patterns to buy at your local fly shops. I am particularly proud of my YSF Stinger, YSF Assam Dragon and YSF Nuclear Ant, which are all very effect north Idaho flies. You won’t find any of my YSF flies in area shops.

Sorry about the length of my reply. Since I don’t have a lot of time, I will be using your reply as my first blog post in 2015. So if you want to see this response and some cool fish photos, which I just received from local guides the end of this year. A couple of good local guides are Randy Dingman (I-90 and south) or Dave Blackburn (I-90 and north). I have actually been known, time permitting, to take fishers myself. Just ask one of these IDFFA members:
“Stretch” Siglar (KS) - hsiglar@yahoo.com
“Hopper” Speers (PA) – paulspeer@gmail.com
“Shotgun” Young (OK) - fudgenomics101@aol.com
“Big Chief” Vincent (LA) - ronv717@charter.net
“Pilgrim” Jay (WA) - larryjay49@gmail.com

Hard takes, tight lines and huge Idaho fish to you soon.

     Clark Fork River - Idaho / Montana
     Coeur d'Alene - ID's Year Round Fishery
Coeur d'Alene (North Fork)

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