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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Irresistible (Mouse)

Irresistible fly patterns (like the Adams) have been around for many years. Any hollow animal body hair, pardon me PETA, will do; but the hair MUST be large and hollow. You may not want to hear this, but these flies float just as well as modern day foam flies, like the YSF Stinger, if tied properly. Yes, you may occasionally have to add a little floatant like Albolene, but even the foams can use this every now and then.

If you really look, you may find a few irresistible flies online or at your local outfitter establishment. Most of these flies though are tied on large hooks and resemble terrestrials--crickets, hoppers and adult stoneflies. I contest that you can tie flies at least down to size #18 as irresistibles as well and they are very effective. The big problem is that these pelts can be found in limited dyed colors. You can see in the first photo below the most common colors. But there are enough colors here to tie a multitude of flies including the BWO, Adams, Stingers, Ants, Hoppers, Stoneflies, weighted Streamers and many more. Just use your imagination.

Elk and Caribou body hair make really good irresistible flies. Stay away from other body hairs like whitetail deer, skunk and muskrat. Personally I love muskrat pelts, for they are just about the softest out there next to mink, but these just don't flare properly when stacked and "pulled tight". You can of course dye your own body hair, which I have not yet tried but I may.

See our irresistible tying instructions below. I originally set out to just explain tying irresistible fly bodies, but I thought what the heck, I might as well get a fly out of it. So, I tied a mouse pattern on a large hook so everyone could easily see the results. Actually this type of large mouse pattern is a really GREAT one for bass and large trout. Try it out. If you have questions, please email.

The Irresistible Fly (Mouse)

PS-If you really want authentic, you can glue a small plastic eye just in front of ears.
Great fly tying. Try out Idaho fly fishing. Hard takes and tight lines to all our avid fly fishers. Spring is here. Caught about 20 nice cutties 4 day ago on a high mountain lake stripping a small nymph.
Tags: Montana Stonefly Nymph     
     Parachute Wings (Made Easy)
     Pheasant Tail Nymph
     Prince Nymph
     Purple Haze

Clark Fork River, MT

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