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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chest Packs v. Fishing Vests

Ever tried to find anything in a fly vest. Fly fishing Idaho requires a lot of flies; therefore, multiple fly boxes; therefore, multiple vest pockets. Add to these leaders, sink, split shot, floatant, line, and tippet and you have a lot of gear confined into a very small area. Poof, along comes the fishing vest. Also used by some of the younger generation as an occasional fashion statement. But for others it is simply an Idaho fly fishing necessity.

Well here in lies the problem. Into which pocket did you put which fly, fly box, line, leader, tippet, tool, etc.?

With a chest pack, all of your gear fits into several pockets neatly stacked one in front of the other, directly in front of you. At least one or two of the pockets let down to 90 degrees and provide a neat little tray on which you can place things and tie on flies. Even if you drop a small fly, you don’t lose it—it falls onto the chest pack tray. There are usually even retractables for your hemostats, Catch-n-Release tools and the like.

The major downside is the chest pack can get into your way slightly when casting and it takes some getting used to. All things considered though, I love them! I have some really expensive vests, which I would gladly sell if I could just find a buyer. PS-These chest packs are all about the same, so I don’t think from where you purchase one makes much of a difference. Whatever floats your yacht? But I really wouldn’t spend a whole lot on one. The one pictured above is a William Joseph. They run about $50-$75.

Hard takes, tight lines, screaming reels, sore arms and great fish stories to all of our Idaho fly fishing enthusiasts. Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.

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