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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kittens, Guns and Fly Fishing

What do these three things have in common? Well, Idaho fly fishers are sportsmen and most sportsmen generally own guns. They frequently hunt as well as fly fish. Kittens definitely are cuter than cats and “kitten” sounds better than “cat”. So, really, how are these three things associated?
I recently moved into a much smaller home. Down-sizing has its definite advantages but storage isn’t one of them. I still have a beautiful view, large back yard in which my dogs can play, pasture for my horses and soon my man cave located next to a medium size western freestone river which is inhabited by some really good trout.
My smaller house has fewer moving parts, therefore less maintenance. And I have to pay NO monthly condo fees. I have NO visible neighbors. But where do I store my man things? It will definitely not be in my new man cave which will be a "flood-proof" canvas tent next to the river. About my only place to store things is a drafty old cabin behind my house. But it is really drafty and therefore humid in there.
Humidity is not a friend to most inanimate things and can destroy guns in a short time. So I did some research and found a hydrophilic substance in MiMi Cat Litter (4 pounds and only $8). It contains silicon. Silica crystals are filled with millions of micro pores that adsorb moisture. Silicon dioxide (the type of sand found in quartz), when mixed with oxygen and water, turns into silica gel crystals. Walla, no more moisture in the air. Walla, protection for my 3 12-G shotguns.
So how do you protect your expensive weapons? Buy some nylon hose and cut the legs off. Put in about a pound of MiMi into each leg and tie the open end (careful, there will be blue powder leach out of the tiny holes in the nylons - it can stain). Then hang this kitty litter filled nylon in your gun safe now stored in your backyard shed. When the nylons get heavy and firm, they are saturated with moisture. Discard and replace. This will solve you gun safe humidity problem!
So now you can see the association “Kittens, Guns and Fly Fishing”.
Hard takes, tight lines, screaming reels and take care of those expensive guns. Get out there hunt some birds (when in season) and Idaho fly fish soon.

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