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Discussing fishing flies, trout flies, salmon flies, fly fishing gear and equipment, Idaho and Montana fishing rivers, NW rivers, fly tying and fly fishing trips. Over 50 years experience in fly fishing, best flies, fly tying, fly fishing techniques, fish stories, directions to rivers and lakes and great fly fishing tall tales with special communications from area guides.

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Idaho Fly Fishers Assoc.- TRIPS!

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The IDFFA (Idaho Fly Fishers Association) has been in existence now for several years. Our membership, mostly word of mouth, has grown significantly since our inception. From Idaho, Canada, California, South Caroline, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Washington, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana and Montana we come. We are proud to announce in 2017 the formation of the Pennsylvania and South Carolina Chapters (see below). Members email addresses are listed here. No full names are however provided. These are mostly professional people and value their privacy. They will be glad to answer any questions about our organization, but please do not bug them unless you have a legitimate question. PS-There is at present NO membership fee.

IDFFA Members:
Fly Fishing Geno (The Italian) ( – Washington
Fly Fishing Shawn (The Scoper) ( – Montana
Fly Fishing Craig (Chappe) ( South Carolina 
Fly Fishing Brud (HC Guru) ( - Georgia
Fly Fishing Glen (Falls From Boats) (glen.childress@g, - South Carolina
Fly Fishing Jack (YSF) ( - Idaho
Fly Fishing Bill (Crow's Nest) ( - South Carolina
Fly Fishing Tim (Otter) ( - California
Fly Fishing Joey (Pungo) ( – Virginia
Fly Fishing Jay (Master Sargent) ( – Indiana
Fly Fishing Russ (DAD) ( - Missouri
Fly Fishing Larry (OK $) ( - Oklahoma
Fly Fishing Marshall (OK Eye) ( - Oklahoma
Fly Fishing Duane (Psycho) ( - Washington

Fly Fishing Larry (The Professor) ( - Washington
Fly Fishing Kim (Opera) ( - Oklahoma
Fly Fishing Devon (Hammer) ( - Idaho
Fly Fishing Jeff (Jeffecator) ( - Idaho
Fly Fishing Bob (9 Iron) ( - Missouri
Fly Fishing Richard (Less Float) ( - Canada
Fly Fishing Greg (Coors) ( - Missouri
Fly Fishing Barry (BO) ( - Missouri
Fly Fishing Bob (Bobo) ( - Missouri
Fly Fishing David (Trucker) ( KC, Missouri
Fly Fishing John (Bear) ( – Missouri
Fly Fishing Neale (CPA) ( - Missouri
Fly Fishing Mark (Swa) ( - Florida
Fly Fishing Greg (Handyman) ( - Idaho

Fly Fishing Jeff (Eagle) ( - South Carolina 
Fly Fishing Dan (nMilo) ( - Idaho
Fly Fishing Wayne (Norforker) ( - Arkansas
Fly Fishing Avery (Ups) ( - Kent cky
Fly Fishing Harold (Stretch) ( - Kansas
Fly Fishing Mike (Canoe) ( - Idaho 

Fly Fishing Paul (Hopper) ( - Pennsylvania
Fly Fishing Caleb (Sous Chef) ( - Missouri

Fly Fishing Ron (BS-er) ( - Missouri
Fly Fishing Bill (Mcg) ( – Washington
Fly Fishing Justin (Grizzly) ( - Washington
Fly Fishing Mike (Cajun) ( - Louisiana
Fly Fishing Joe (SC) ( - South Carolina
Fly Fishing John (The Colonel) ( - Missouri
Fly Fishing Ryan (Fargo) ( – South Carolina
Fly Fishing Ronnie (Big Chief) ( - Louisiana
Fly Fishing Kevin (Shotgun) ( – Oklahoma

Pennsylvania Chapter:
Fly Fishing Paul (Hopper) ( - Pennsylvania - Chief Guide

South Carolina Chapter:
Fly Fishing Glen (Falls From Boats) ( - SC - Chief Guide
Fly Fishing Craig (Chappe) ( – South Carolina 
Fly Fishing Bill (Crow's Nest) ( South Carolina
Fly Fishing Jeff (Eagle) ( - South Carolina 
Fly Fishing Joe (Uncle's Bar) ( South Carolina
Fly Fishing Ryan (Fargo) ( – South Carolina

From Canada, South Carolina, Georgia, Washington, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana and Idaho we come. We have an annual fly fishing convention which is a lot of fun. In years past it has been on the Big Horn in Montana. Check out ID Fly Fishers Annual Meetings. This next year we are having two separate meetings. 

Names in red above represent the original 9 charter members.
Names in blue above represent former vets, I think.
Names in green above represent newest member additions.

If you have any interest in joining the IDFFA, please email above. References are requested. Come and join the fun. Experience some real western fly fishing.
Hard takes, tight lines, screaming reels, sore arms, great fish stories and huge trout to you always.

Suggested 2018-19 Trips:
Lochsa River - September - Wade Only - RV, Tent, Small Motel (20 miles away) - Dan R., ID
Bow River, Alberta - September - Wade/Float - Motel and Mom/Pop Restaurants - Kevin Y./Harold S., OK/KS
Fish River, Superior, MT - Late July - Wade Only - RV's, Campers, Tents 
NF Coeur d'Alene River, ID - Early June - Wade/Float - Motel & Mom/Pop Restaurants - Dan R., ID
Rock Creek, MT - July to Early September - Wade Only - RV, Tent, Small Motel (20 miles away)
Kelley Creek, MT - July to Early September - Wade Only - RV, Tent, Small Motel (20 miles away)
fly fish Idaho; flies fishing; fly fishing; fly fishing equipment; fishing flies; fishing gear; trout flies; salmon flies; fly fishing Idaho; flies for sale; Idaho fly fishing; flyfishing flies; fishing flysElk River, BC - August - Wade/Float - Motel and Mom/Pop Restaurants (Glen/Russ - SEE BELOW for 2018)
NF Sun R. Bob Marshall, MT - TBD - Horseback Ride in/Wade Only - Tents (YSF)
Chico Hot Springs, MT - September - Float (the Yellowstone River) - Resort - Bobo O., MO
Blackfoot River "A River Runs Through It", MT - Sept - Wade Mostly - RV, Tent, Motel - YSF, ID
Gray Reef Bluffs N. Platte River, WY - Late September - Wade/Float - Unk. Accommodations - Harold S., KS

Go to Idaho Fly Fishers Previous Trip Page for details.

Previous Group Trips:
October, 2012 BIG HORN RIVER TRIP (8 PARTICIPANTS) Trip Over - Great Fun!!!
September 19-21, 2013 BIG HORN RIVER TRIP (11 PARTICIPANTS) Trip Over - Great Fishing!!! 
September 10-14, 2014 BIG HORN RIVER TRIP (11 PARTICIPANTS) Trip Over - Great Time!!!
July, 2015 BIG HORN RIVER TRIP (12 PARTICIPANTS) Trip Over - Really good Fly Fishing!!!
August 18-20, 2016 ST. JOE RIVER TRIP (10 PARTICIPANTS) Trip Over - HAD A HOOT!!!
September 22-24, 2016 MISSOURI RIVER TRIP (17 PARTICIPANTS) Trip Over - HAD A BLAST!!!
July 13-15, 2017 (PA Chapter) BIG HORN RIVER TRIP (4 PARTICIPANTS) Trip Over - Good Fish!!!
August 10-12, 2017 ELK/MICHELE/WIGWAM RIVERS (12 PARTICIPANTS) Trip Over - Really Great Fishing - Russ (MO) "Best Trip I Ever Had!"
September 12-14, 2017 KOOTENAI RIVER TRIP (10 PARTICIPANTS) Trip Over - Great Time!!!

Upcoming 2018 Trips:

August 9-11, 2018 (Travel 8/8 & 8/12) – Fernie, BC, Can, Michele Ck/Elk, Wigwam Rivers (UNLIMITED)
Don't forget about Kalispell airport (only 2 hour drive)/or Calgary. Closer than Spokane (5 hours)
Canada Fish and Game have reclassified all southeast BC waters into "Special Protected". Most require a per diem           permit ($22 Can) to fish them. Heard they go to lottery on 3/31 each year. Michele tough to get. 
Elk River Guiding Company: $650 Can ($487.50 US) daily for 2/Gratuity $50-100 Can/50% in advance.
Elk River, BC - 2017 Fly Fishing Rates
Food Nominal/$30 per day/Nearby Bars & Restaurants & ABC Store/Guides - Fishers           discretion (See above).
BC Fishing License/$58 Non-resident Alien 8 day. Go online for applications.
Plus $21/day/river permit.
Snow Valley Motel & RV Park/30 amp & sewer/This place has one 3-4 Bedroom suite (sleeps 8) & nice deck.  
Boat Rental if you don't want guide. Check with Elk RiverWe must book early and pay deposits.

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